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Thursday, March 03, 2011
Spring training is under way and....

I didn't know that the Dodgers played in Arizona.... a few years back I saw them in Florida for spring training. Was that a coincidence? Or did they move their spring training facility?

Also, the Red Sox are planning a nicer spring training ball park which is alright but the one they have now is fine. I'm not sure of the reason for this.

I hope Josh Beckett's head recovers after being hit in the head during warm ups for a game the other day. Of all people, the one person you want to avoid hitting... Josh Beckett. Way to go!

Sports channels are saying that the Yankees and Rays will be chasing Boston this year but I think there might be an issue with depth if the Sox don't stay healthy all season so keep your eye on that.

There is still 2+ feet of snow / ice covering New England and it is getting old... fast! I can't wait till it's all gone but at this rate, it won't be until June haha.

I was looking at all the old baseball blogs that i used to network with and it's quite a laugh. Everyone under the sun opened up a blogger account but that craze seemed to only last a few years. Now there's all these blogs that haven't been updated since 2005 to 2008.

Just spreading some random thoughts. Peace, Love and Taco Grease

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