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Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Sorry for the unexpected two-week absence. Back to baseball!

The Red Sox Home Opener! (4-11-05, Complete with Pictures and Videos!) (Fire Brand of the American League)

Sitting among the Fenway faithful. Bill Simmons: "I'm not claiming that I helped spawn the miracle fetus or anything, but the doctor told us that the baby was conceived shortly after the Cabrera trade. Maybe she didn't do as much as Schilling or Big Papi, but she definitely did more than Byung-Hyun Kim. Regardless, she's entering a world where the Red Sox aren't considered lovable losers, where we can watch playoff games without enduring dozens upon dozens of Babe Ruth references, where 35,000 people aren't secretly expecting the worst possible outcome in every big game. And when I carry her into Fenway some day, I'm pointing to the 2004 banner and telling her, 'That was the team that changed everything.'" (

Milton Bradley Cranks Up His Game: Dodgers 9, Giants 8. "For the Giants, it's October 2, 2004 all over again, as a 'defensive replacement' mishandles a ball and causes the team to implode. It wasn't pretty, but the Dodgers won. And Milton Bradley, for one day, can spell his name K-i-r-k G-i-b-s-o-n." (6-4-2)

Three alarm fire. "And I'm not calling the Giants firemen to put it out. After yesterday's disgusting, disheartening, destructive, derailing 9-8 loss to the despicable Dodgers, I just have to ask.... What the hell is going on here??!?!" (Only Baseball Matters)

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