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Friday, April 15, 2005
The Devil's Advocate: A Major Disaster. "The problem with the Yankees has nothing to do with Joe Torre or Mel Stottlemyre. It’s not about lineup construction or bullpen usage. The Yankees are struggling because the front office did a terrible job of building a team with the resources they had. For whatever reason, they neglected their depth and their defense, they placed too high an emphasis on single-season performances rather than career progression, and have vastly overvalued veteran players, particularly veterans with postseason experience, over more promising players entering their prime. It’s made for an old, expensive, high-risk team that will impress nobody with its successes and be a target for merciless derision should it fail." (The Hardball Times)

Cooperstown Confidential: Regular Season Edition #1. The Yankees' first week; trade rumors; the 1975 World Series; Carmen Fanzone; more. (Cooperstown Confidential)

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