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Tuesday, March 08, 2005
For my eyes only. John J Perricone: "From what I have read, the list of side effects associated with steroids could hardly be described as life-threatening; or even very dramatic; it's possible this could happen, maybe that could happen. There seems to be little proof of these side effects, other than to say, lots of people think they are real. Even if it's a given that high doses of steroids can be said to have side effects, these side effects certainly don't seem to be any worse than the side effects for almost any of the prescription drugs you can find advertised on television these days." (Only Baseball Matters)

Hypocrisy 101. "I don't understand, if [the owners] knew that steroid use was such a tragedy, such a tremendous risk to the players life and health, they would have done something, anything, to save the life of a player, no? Wouldn't Schuerholz or Towers or Selig or somebody intervene and save somebody's life? Why didn't they? Because they know that it's not that big a risk, not measured against wins and losses and money. And even if it was, they couldn't have cared less, just like they couldn't care less now. If baseball owners cared so much about the players health, they'd shut down the game right now if that's what it took to stop players from the vicious cycle of uppers and downers so common to today's game." (Only Baseball Matters)

Giambi homers as Yankees bash Sox. The Yankees pick up right where they left the top of the 9th inning of Game 4 of the ALCS. (Yahoo!)

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