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Friday, February 11, 2005
Today's Password: Evil. A Giants fan looks at the 2005 Dodgers. (McCovey Chronicles)

Your Semi-Favorite Year. Name your favorite year of Dodger baseball in which the team didn’t win a World Series. (Dodger Thoughts)

QOTD / MYOR: I'm Patient Of This Plan. "Which are the most improved offences in each league? Who let way too much talent walk? Can the Red Sox lead the Majors in runs for a 3rd straight season? Has Arizona's frenzy of maneuvers given them hope of crawling out of the offensive cellar?" (Batter's Box Baseball Blog)

The Wrong Apology. "It says something about a man when he's willing to apologize, as Jason Giambi did yesterday. It says even more when he apologizes to people whom he hasn't wronged, and doesn't apologize to those whom he has...The accounts Giambi has to settle are with his own conscience and his fellow athletes - not with you, not with me, and not with George Steinbrenner. These are not matters for press conferences, and it's unfortunate that the Yankees would trot the man out in a deeply silly attempt to pre-empt what will be a richly deserved storm of bad publicity for their organization." (New York Sun)

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