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Tuesday, February 15, 2005
Santana to get four years, $40 million. (Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

Four More Years! "For a small-market team like the Twins, committing a huge chunk of the payroll to a single player is very dangerous, regardless of how great that player is. If Santana, who had his elbow cleaned out following the 2003 playoffs, misses one season over the life of the deal, he will not only leave the Twins with a gaping hole in the starting rotation, he will wipe away as much as 20% of their total payroll. However, while this signing has a great deal of risk involved, I just don't see any way the Twins could have passed it up." (Aaron's Baseball Blog)

2005: Worrysome Offseason May Be Best Season Yet. Anthony Odarczenko is optimistic about the Cubs. (The View from the Bleachers)

No Words Necessary. Yankees and Muppets: Separated at birth? (Basegirl)

Expanded Roster. More of the above. (Basegirl)

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