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Tuesday, February 01, 2005
A BatOpinion. "The Twins are apparently befuddled by their repeated failure to draw two million fans, despite the team's success on the field. Team Batgirl believes that the Twins can come up with all the snappy marketing campaigns they want, but marketing just isn't the issue. Back in the early '90s, this was a baseball town. Then came the strike, then the great period of Tremendous Sucking, and then just as there was a team worth rooting for, the ownership tried to kill the team for cash. That's right. Kill the team for cash. Now the Twins' brain trust sits around and wonders why people don't come to games?" (Batgirl)

Honest Appraisal. "The consensus is that the 2005 Mets are looking better on paper than the 2004 model. I'm not so sure. Despite the high profile additions and all the back page buzz, I'm not convinced this team is markedly better entering spring training than the lame-o 71-91 version that ended last season." (Flushing Local)

Interview with a former Cub. Joe Aiello talks to Brooks Kieschnick. (The View from the Bleachers)

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