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Friday, January 21, 2005
Rocket top: Clemens gets record $18 million. (

A's trying to swap Byrnes for N.Y.'s Cameron.
A team source confirmed Wednesday that the A's have made a formal trade offer that would send Byrnes to the New York Mets for outfielder Mike Cameron. Rumors involving the two clubs have bubbled since late last week, and a Mets team source told the New York Daily News that A's reliever Chad Bradford also would be involved in the trade, though the A's source wouldn't confirm that Bradford is part of the deal.

Byrnes for Cameron? "I guess I just don't get it. Byrnes is younger then Cameron. And he had 19 Win Shares last year, compared to Cameron's 18. True, Cameron is a better fielder and he had a slightly off year last year. And played in a pitcher's park. But this just seems like a weird trade for Billy Beane to be making." (The Greatest Game)

Talk about bad timing.. Bill Simmons on a Red Sox fan who missed the World Series because he was in a coma. (

Sad Mascotism. "Youppi will not be joining the Nationals in Washington. Which means that we need a new mascot. Perhaps Esteban Loaiza?" (BallWonk)

If only he knew how little I'm sorry. "It looks like Dean Palmer is attempting a comeback. Wow. I know the Tigers need a third baseman after giving up on Eric Munson, but wow." (Baseball Told the Right Way)

Trouble Up the Middle (Again). "From the moment the Twins signed Juan Castro earlier this offseason, I've been scratching my head wondering why they had to pay a utility infielder who is a career .226/.269/.331 hitter so much money for so long...All of which is why I felt nauseous when I saw the Cleveland Indians sign a utility infielder of their own last week, inking Alex Cora to a two-year deal worth $2.7 million. For just $700,000 more than they gave Castro, spread over two seasons, the Twins could have had a player who can potentially be an asset both offensively and defensively. Imagine that." (Aaron's Baseball Blog)

Friday QOTD: Hartung, Hurdle and ... ? "Question of the Day: Who was the most overhyped Jays rookie ever? And building on that, who were the most overhyped rookies, regardless of team, of all time? (Rule clarification: Reds and Tigers hyped by Sparky Anderson are not eligible for consideration. Sorry, Chris Pittaro.)" (Batter's Box Baseball Blog)

Marlins drop the M-bomb. "Veiled threats to move the team weren't getting the baksheesh flowing, so Florida Marlins president David Samson escalated matters today, sending a letter to state house speaker Allan Bense that if the state doesn't cough up $60 million in sales-tax revenues over 30 years (present value: $30 million), then the team will leave South Florida." (Field of Schemes News)

Phat Albert. Aaron Gleeman compares Albert Pujols to other players who put up great numbers through age 24. (The Hardball Times)

Prospectus Triple Play: Boston Red Sox, Cincinnati Reds, San Diego Padres. "The only major job fight this spring looks to be at first base between Doug Mientkiewicz and Kevin Millar...Based on the numbers, the Sox would be wise to move Mientkiewicz for a song. The Sox can use Mientkiewicz's $3.75 million to fill a need in July and hope that whatever B-level prospect from him they acquire comes in handy then as well." (Baseball Prospectus)

Off the Wall: Too many question marks in the M's rotation. Derek Zumsteg: "In a multi-part series, I'm going to write about how the 2005 Mariners are shaping up, what still might happen before pitchers and catchers report, and the big questions that face the Mariners as they try to return to competing for division titles. In this, the first of the series, I'm going to start with the rotation." (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Off the Wall: M's bullpen should be better, with Hargrove's help. "Put simply, the crux of bullpen deployment is about using your best pitchers in situations where they're most needed. There's evidence to indicate that new manager Mike Hargrove usually does just this." (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Off the Wall: A Look at the choices and challenges Mike Hargrove faces. "In the outfield, Ichiro! is Ichiro! You can't expect that he's going to have a season like last year's, if only because no one's had a season like it for 84 years. On the other hand, he's Ichiro! If he announced tomorrow that he'd decided to hit 70 home runs next year, would you bet against him? He's Ichiro. I put nothing past him. And defensively -- he's Ichiro!" (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Off the Wall: What do we really know about Mike Hargrove? "You almost have to say he’s a good manager. In charge of one of the most impressive youth movements I’ve ever seen, Hargrove led [the Indians] to five consecutive first-place finishes but never won a World Series ring. Even if you want to say that his teams had amazing talent, some credit has to go to him. It’s hard to keep a team winning consistently like that." (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

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