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Friday, January 14, 2005
Marlins and Lo Duca agree to $18 million, three-year deal. (Yahoo!)

Extending Santana. "It is obvious that Santana is still holding a bit of a grudge. The danger is that the Twins have upset Santana to the point that he doesn't have an open mind in negotiations or, more likely, has a chip on his shoulder when it comes to things like signing up to stay with the team in the future. He could choose to play hardball during the negotiations, which by itself could get ugly and contemptuous. Beyond that, Santana may decide to just turn down whatever offers the team makes (the first of which -- three years and $19.5 million -- borders on laughable) and see what happens in 2005." (Aaron's Baseball Blog)

Remaking the Diamondbacks. "From the assortment of moves they've made so far this offeason, it is clear that the Diamondbacks have taken a very similar approach to the one the Tigers had following their awful season. Just like Detroit, rather that rebuild the team around young players in the hopes of competing in the future, Arizona has signed and traded for a number of established veterans in the hopes of accelerating the whole process of remaking the team. Despite trading the team's best player in Randy Johnson, there is little doubt that the Diamondbacks will be a better team in 2005. Whether or not they will make the leap back into contention or simply end up with the same sort of improved-but-disappointing season the Tigers had in 2004 is the big question." (The Hardball Times)

Prospectus Triple Play: Chicago White Sox, Oakland Athletics, Philadelphia Phillies. "As opposed to the busy White Sox, the Phillies have had a very quiet offseason, making a few small adjustments to a roster that looked to be the favorite to win the NL East the last two seasons. The major move of the winter so far has been the signing of Jon Lieber, the new poster boy for Tommy John surgery success, to a three-year, $21MM contract. Lieber will replace the departed Kevin Millwood in the rotation. If his 2004 is any indication, he’ll likely be better than Millwood to boot." (Baseball Prospectus)

The Whole Was Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts. John Brattain on Eddie Lopat, Allie Reynolds and Vic Raschi, who led the Yankees to five straight championships from 1949-53. (The Hardball Times)

How I Learned To Pitch. Mariners coach Bryan Price teaches Eric Liu how to throw a change-up. (Slate)

There is still hope... Mark wants the Phillies to go after Javier Vazquez and/or Mike Cameron. (Fire Bowa)

A Letter to Loaiza. "Dear Esteban, Are you really considering a move to Washington? You shouldn't. You would hate it here." (BallWonk)

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