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Thursday, January 20, 2005
Future History: The Unique Arbitration Case of Roger Clemens. "First, based on what he has accomplished in 21 seasons at the Major League level, Clemens probably deserves to become the highest paid pitcher in the history of the game...There is, however, the other side of the equation. Should Clemens get paid based on what he will probably do next season? If so, the numbers look a bit different." (Talking Baseball)

Thursdsay Pinch-Hit QOTD: Rocket or Pickpocket? "Question of the Day: Will Clemens' legacy, when his career is finally over, be that of one of the best pitchers ever in the game -- period -- or that of a great pitcher who, as we see far too often in professional sports, got greedy?" (Batter's Box Baseball Blog)

Billy Beane: Back in AN Part I. An interview with the Athletics GM.
Blez: Obviously with bringing Kendall and Ginter and Juan Cruz and Calero, it seems like you've improved two aspects of the team (offense and bullpen) to the detriment of another aspect (starting pitching). Is that what you were aiming for?

BB: No question. One of the questions I've heard, and I almost found it comical, was, "Why did you get Jason Kendall?" That question makes no sense at all. Jason Kendall was an exchange of Mark Redman and Arthur Rhodes for Kendall. No disrespect to those two guys, but I'm going to make that deal every time. The fact that he is going to be here for three years means that he can be a part of whatever is going on here and he's an All Star catcher. That's what the deal came down to. You were going to have one or the other. Jason Kendall or the other two guys. We chose to take Kendall over the other two guys, call us crazy. The other thing is that, had we not made that deal, our catcher would've been a rookie with no experience because of the cost. As far as the makeup of the team, we're going to spend what we have. Given the fact that we had three young pitchers coming into the rotation, we were going to try and protect them as much as possible in every way shape and form. Listen, I'm not stupid, I learn something every year. I've seen the value of a great bullpen. One thing about acquiring bullpen guys is that you can work from the end of the game back as opposed to the starters working from the front and going towards the ninth. So the cost of working from the ninth down is a little cheaper and with our young pitchers, it will give us an opportunity to win. And if you notice the relievers we've brought in, they're more than one inning-type of relievers.
(Athletics Nation)

Let's Do It Again. "If Mark Bellhorn was a movie, he'd be Repo Man. If he was a band, he'd be Wilco. If he was a TV show, he'd be Nip/Tuck. If he was one of your family members, he'd be Hector, second cousin twice-removed, who 'knows a guy' in Vegas and can get you a f--king awesome deal on a room...In other words, he's the official cult hero of the 2004 Red Sox." (Surviving Grady)

Trends and Neighbors."It's impossible not to read Larry Eichel's piece in today's Inquirer, on how the revenue generated by Lincoln Financial Field has helped the Eagles sustain their remarkably enduring status as one of the NFL's elite teams, and not think of the other team playing in a new South Philly stadium." (Shallow Center)

Pardon Their Dust. "Journey through time, space and concrete for a dirt’s-eye view of the 2004-05 renovation of Dodger Stadium, courtesy of these 20 photos by Dodger historian Mark Langill." (Dodger Thoughts)

Private benjamins. "Washington, D.C.'s private stadium financing plans are in, with eight companies submitting proposals to get involved in building the $500-million-plus Nationals stadium - far fewer than expected, possibly because some folks were scared off by the nonrefundable $10,000 fee...None of these proposals, you'll notice, involves private funding, just private financing: In every case, D.C. would just be selling off a public asset (land, parking revenues, depreciation rights) in exchange for some quick cash." (Field of Schemes News)

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