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Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Desperate Househusbands: The 2005 NL West. "Yes, with all the elective surgery it performed, Arizona should look better this season - in a Nicolette Sheridan kind of way. (I’m not a fan of that show, but could you find a desperate housewife for each team in the division? San Diego as hot but misstep-prone Eva Longoria? The Dodgers as Teri Hatcher - the ditzy lead? But Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross as the Rockies or the Giants? Nah - doesn’t work.) Anyway, for a good many games, the Diamondbacks will have a nice 3-4-5 in Killer Gees Gonzalez, Glaus and Green. Tracy is a promising young player who will get his shot. Vazquez and Webb are due for rebounds - heck, just about everyone on the team is. But the team has too many day players and not enough actors of substance." (Dodger Thoughts)

Years after exit, Miller still has his say. The former Players Association director talks about steroids.
"If you tell me steroids help you hit major league pitching more often and farther, I see no evidence whatsoever. None," Miller said. "I think if you tell me that using steroids and bulking up like that will help the performance of a football linebacker, maybe. If you tell me it will help a professional wrestler, maybe. If you tell me it will help a beer hall bouncer, maybe. If you tell me it will help somebody become the governor of California, maybe.

"But hitting major league pitching more often and farther is a far cry. You have to have more evidence than we do. I'm not going to say I know. I don't know. I'm going to say neither does anyone in this room nor anyone else know. There never has been any kind of decent testing of the same player. For example, with and without steroids, over a stretch of time so you can judge his performance. None. And until we get some evidence of a concrete nature instead of someone's opinion, that's my view."
(Boston Globe)

Grieveous Career. "Scanning the list of available free agents today I noticed the name of Ben Grieve. Ben has been a puzzle to me since 1999. He had a great 1998, posting 22 win shares at age 22, his first full season in the majors. He leveled off at the 16-17 win share level for a few seasons, and has been in decline since." (Baseball Musings)

Prospectus Triple Play: Florida Marlins, New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Pirates. "Looking at the overall picture, it's pretty hard to justify Lo Duca as a $6MM/year catcher. He's a win or more worse than any of the players who were in that financial neighborhood last year--Lopez, Jason Varitek, Rodriguez, Lieberthal--and he's not much younger than any of them, either."

The Rise and Fall of Dale Murphy and the Abstracts. (Rich's Weekend Baseball BEAT)

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