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Friday, January 28, 2005
Cry Me A River Build A Bridge And Get Over It.
If you read the mainstream media, you’d get the impression that the players and their agents do little more than behave like pigs trying to find truffles, sniffing around looking for top dollar regardless of where it leads them and being willing to lie, connive, misrepresent, extort and manipulate their way to riches caring little of who is hurt along the way. You'd guess that if Jesus Christ were to join mankind again, Scott Boras would make bloody sure that he'd get more than a lousy 30 pieces of silver for him. Oh the poor owners -- shackled to a system where they’re forced to pay tens, and even hundreds of millions of dollars to greedy players who just want more, more, more.


I might be able to shed a tear for the poor blighters if I could grate a large onion and stick the pulp up my nose and rub it into my eyes -- but even that’s a stretch.
(The Hardball Times)

"Look at me...I can be...Centerfield." "I am hitting the ground running on this Spring Training story: Will the Sox pony up the cash to sign Johnny Damon? I doubt it. $40 million for four years will probably do it and the Sox will likely not bite. But I am not sure that is the right decision, even though regular readers know my anti-long-term deal stance." (El Guapo's Ghost Rambles on about the Red Sox)

Prospectus Triple Play: Anaheim Angels, Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee Brewers "As the Mets have been the most prominent team mentioned as having interest in Sammy Sosa, it seems they could be on the verge of ruining the Cubs offseason. Carlos Beltran signing with the Mets not only caused the Cubs to miss out on the best bat on the market, but they also may have lost their best opportunity to rid themselves of Sosa. Beltran strengthens the Mets outfield to the point where Sosa's bat is no longer necessary." (Baseball Prospectus)

QOTD: FYI, MYOR & TGIF, OK? "Question of the Day: Who's your all-time favorite player, and why? Most surprising, creative -- but honest (e.g. don't go with Jim Abbott to win the "good guy" vote. We're all Simon Cowell-types here at Batter's Box) -- answer wins a Scooby snack." (Batter's Box Baseball Blog)

I'll Tell You About the Damn Yankees. "...I'm sick of this $200 million team before they've even played a game. Let me count the ways..." (Futility Infielder)

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