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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
$22 Meeeelion Dollars. "Roger Clemens agent, Dr. Evil, turned in his arbitration figure today of $22 million U.S. dollars. $22,000,000.00!...The odd thing is that Clemens figure is pretty justifiable, given the market, his accomplishments (and due to a quirk in the arb rules, he can argue his career values), and his current talent level." (

It's good to want things. "I find myself thinking a lot about Clemens' legacy these days. Sure, he's a shoo-in first-round HOF pick. But Clemens seems increasingly likely to end his career on a bum note. He traded the flashbulbs and ovations of his 2003 season for a shot at bringing a World Series to Houston -- the fact that the team fell jus short of that doesn't really tarnish the moment. But now, it's entirely likely that his career ends here, with this crazy, last-minute cash grab." (throws like a girl)

Gagne agrees to $19 million, two-year deal with Dodgers. (Yahoo!)

"Ketch up" Part One (AL). A quick look at the transactions of the last ten days. (The Transaction Guy)

"Ketch up" Part Two (NL). "The Mets end up with Beltran on top of Pedro, and are still in the running for Delgado and might trade for Sosa. If nothing else, this team has forced itself back into the consciousness of the NYC print media. They’ve set themselves up for quite a thrashing when they end up in third place, though." (The Transaction Guy)

What will Jason Do? "To me, one of the critical factors in the Yankee offense this season will be how Giambi performs. This is probably as unpredictable as anything in baseball going into 2005. However, a productive Giambi would prevent outmakers like Ruben Sierra from getting too much playing time. So what are the factors that we have to look at with Giambi?" (Replacement Level Yankees Weblog)

Wednesday QOTD/MYOR: Kingman? Jeter? Mike Ivie?
Question of the Day: Your life depends on this game (again?) and you trail by one with two down in the bottom of the ninth. You have runners -- Rickey Henderson and Lou Brock, actually -- on second and third and you can pick one hitter, from any team, any era, to stride to the plate to take his whacks against a masterful Dennis Eckersley. A walk does you no good, as the only other hitter available to you is Bob Buhl. Who do you tell to grab a bat?
(Batter's Box Baseball Blog)

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