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Thursday, December 09, 2004
Glaus agrees to four-year deal with Diamondbacks. Four years, $45 million. (Yahoo!)

Oracle Says: "Wow, I'm speechless. I've always liked Troy Glaus, but this is what you might pay for a healthy Troy Glaus, one with no questions about his position status, and a Troy Glaus that's fielding the hot corner like he did earlier in his career before shoulder and knee problems dropped his defensive stats like a rock. This is not what I would pay for a 1B that hits like Troy Glaus and results in Hillenbrand, a poor defensive 3B, returning to 3B and Tracy, a decent offensive 3B, becoming a mediocre RF." (Baseball Think Factory)

Dye agrees to deal with White Sox. Two years, $10.15 million. (Yahoo!)

Oracle Says: "On the plus side, Dye's still a very good defensive righfielder, not a total zero offensively, and you don't need the same quality of players to compete in the AL Central as you do in the other divisions. Unfortunately, Dye isn't really good enough to push the White Sox significantly forward..." (Baseball Think Factory)

Leiter returns to Marlins. One year, $8 million. (Yahoo!)

Oracle Says: "Leiter's periphs are going the wrong way, but hey, last time he had a season with those periphs was 1997 and Leiter rebounded with a terrific '98 season." (Baseball Think Factory)

Lieber agrees to $21 million, three-year deal with Phillies. (Yahoo!)

Oracle Says: "More collusion? Looks like MLB's sending blank Mad Libs style contracts to teams for 3 years, $21 million this offseas. Maybe that's why Anna Benson was able to negotiate so well." (Baseball Think Factory)

Woody Williams rejoins Padres. One year, $3.5 million guaranteed, with an option for 2006. (Yahoo!)

Oracle Says: "Good move for the Padres - Petco is a good park for Williams and the Padres complete their rotation without having to buy a ticket on the 3-year, $21 million Gravy Train." (Baseball Think Factory)

Prospectus Triple Play: Houston Astros, St. Louis Cardinals, Texas Rangers. "The Astros have reportedly offered Beltran a five-year, $70-million contract to keep him in Houston. That's not likely to be enough, but Houston's ability to go up from there is hampered by the albatross that Hunsicker left behind: Jeff Bagwell's contract." (Baseball Prospectus)

National Treasures. John Viega assesses the Nationals and their chances in the NL East. (

Union bosses owe players an apology. Buster Olney: "Tough steroid testing is on the way, apparently. It's too bad that it took ugly BALCO testimony and Senate threats to force Don Fehr and Gene Orza, the leaders of the union, to pull their heads out of the sand. It's too bad Orza and Fehr didn't make a serious effort to learn, for themselves, that the vast majority of their union's brethren wanted to clean up the steroid mess years ago." (

Olney owes Fehr an apology. Derek Zumsteg: "Fehr and Orza are convenient targets, but to blame them for something they couldn’t have prevented, even if they had acted on the behalf of a supposed majority of players Olney wants to believe exist, for purposes of writing this easy column, is ridiculous." (U.S.S. Mariner)

Gathering. Bill James on roid hysteria. (The Hardball Times)

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