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Tuesday, November 02, 2004
Red Sox's pregame ritual: Jack Daniel's.
"It was one of those group team things, like shaving our heads last year," [Kevin] Millar told Fox. "What we had was one small Gatorade cup, with a little Jack Daniel's in it. We passed it around and everyone symbolically drank out of the same cup, because we are a team. It wasn't as if guys were drunk. Can you imagine Trot Nixon or Jason Varitek or Mike Timlin actually sipping alcohol before a game? No way."

Lowe, Varitek among free agent filers. Other Red Sox: Cabrera, Mirabelli, Leskanic, Mendoza, Williamson, Myers, McCarty and Reese. Other notables: Matt Morris, Eric Milton, Jeff Kent and Richie Sexson. (MSNBC)

Potential free agents. A list of the 217 eligible players. (

Abstracts from the Abstracts. Richard Lederer combs through Bill James's 1984 Baseball Abstract. (Rich's Weekend Baseball BEAT)

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