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Thursday, November 18, 2004
Closer Percival OKs $12M deal with Tigers. (Boston Globe)

Transaction Oracle discussion of the Percival signing. (Baseball Think Factory)

Under The Knife: Free Agents. "There's an important distinction to be made between health and risk. The two don't necessarily move in tandem with injury history, position, age and hundreds of other factors working to make health and risk something like Schroedinger's Cat. Teams that can accurately assess health and risk can make the best deals. Vladimir Guerrero was headed for Shea Stadium, but the Mets balked at paying top dollar for his bad back. The Angels knew that Guerrero had become a core training fiend and picked him up at a nice price. That one worked out pretty well. It's just as easy to get the opposite effect. Actually, much easier." (Baseball Prospectus)

Prospectus Triple Play: Florida Marlins, New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Pirates. "Before we proceed to never mention the Yankees' four straight elimination-game losses in the 2004 ALCS again, we here at BP feel the need to recognize the unique blend of incompetence and bad luck it took to cough up the biggest comeback in Championship Series history to your most hated rivals. Just because we favor the scientific process doesn't mean we don't enjoy a good scapegoat when one is available. Accordingly, we're going to award some lucky New York Yankee the 2004 ALCS Least Valuable Player Award." (Baseball Prospectus)

Baseball in Chocolate City (And Its Vanilla Suburbs). John Viega on the return of baseball to Washington. (

MVP’ing Away Votes. A look at the worst players ever to receive MVP votes. (Mike's Baseball Rants)

Cashman was left out of Pedro chat, and he's mad.
When Pedro Martinez met with George Steinbrenner and three Yankees vice presidents on Tuesday, there was a notable absence from Legends Field. Besides, that is, Martinez's diminutive friend Nelson de la Rosa.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman wasn't invited to the meeting and didn't learn of it until Tuesday, according to an American League source, and Cashman was still upset yesterday over the development. Cashman didn't return calls for comment yesterday.

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