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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
Angelic Guerrero wins American League MVP. (

AL MVP voting. (

Washington-bound Expos find the money for Castilla, Guzman.
WASHINGTON (AP) -- For a team without a budget, the Expos made a big early splash in free agency.

In their first major moves since announcing their relocation to Washington, the Expos on Tuesday agreed to terms with third baseman Vinny Castilla and shortstop Cristian Guzman.

Castilla will receive a $6.2 million, two-year contract, while Guzman gets a $16.8 million, four-year deal. Jim Bowden, hired as general manager on Nov. 2 to replace Omar Minaya, made the moves even though he hasn't been told how much money he can spend by the commissioner's office, which is operating the team until it is sold.

Bowden's Big Splash. "The Expos just committed to two years of a 37-year-old third baseman who has hit a combined .247/.291/.423 away from Coors Field over the past three seasons, and he looks like Barry Bonds compared to the other guy they signed. Guzman has hit .272/.303/.379 over the last three years, including an absolutely miserable .259/.281/.351 away from the Metrodome and its turf. And for that -- for two guys who will struggle to get on base even 30% of the time -- the Expos have paid $23 million and given up multiple draft picks." (The Hardball Times)

Transaction Oracle discussion of the Castilla and Guzman signings. (Baseball Think Factory)

Phillies re-sign Lidle to two-year, $6.3M deal. (

Transaction Oracle discussion of the Lidle signing. (Baseball Think Factory)

Does Piazza to the Angels Make Sense? (The Metropolitans)

The Disposable Baseball Blogger. "The brief history of baseball blogging has been a land rush - acres and acres of virgin www out there for the pickings like an online version of the old American West, requiring only a little moxie to stake a claim. But just like the dark side of Manifest Destiny, not every homesteader hangs on. Some stick it out for only a few months, or weeks, or days, or - you’ve seen it, no doubt - hours." (Dodger Thoughts)

2004 Starting Rotation Review. "Jeff Suppan is the only starting pitcher from 2004 that I personally trust to be healthy and effective in 2005. Chris Carpenter and Jason Marquis had great seasons from which they can build upon, with the one caveot being that they may be prime candidates for injuries next season. And both Woody Williams and Matt Morris do not have much appeal to be signed for next year in my opinion - at least, not at the prices I assume they would want to work for." (Random Redbird Reasoning)

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