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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
Yankees almost let one slip away. The Red Sox clawed back from 8-0 to make it 8-7, but the Yankees held on. (Yahoo!)

A Win Is A Win.
The Yankees can't feel euphoric about this win, Boston can't feel deflated. There are too many positives and negatives to temper the feelings. For the Yankees, it makes Game Two less important, though still quite important. For Boston there isn't a sense of urgency to win Game Two, though a poor start by Pedro Martinez could spell trouble. If Boston falls behind 2-0, this series is still far from over. I wouldn't even count Boston out if they were down 3-0. With Schilling and Pedro starting three of the remaining games in that scenario, I could see those two winning their starts all by themselves, and the lineup winning the fourth game. Not likely to happen, mind you, but I could see it happen.
(The Hardball Times)

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