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Tuesday, September 21, 2004
Twins clinch AL Central. And they'll be a scary first-round playoff opponent for either the Red Sox or the Yankees. (Yahoo!)

Three. Peat. "Oh, Batgirl could go on and on. And in fact, she has. And she probably will, later tonight, when Jeb and the BatKitties are fast asleep, she will snuggle her bear close to her and tell him all about how the Bitch Sox weren't that good when they had their stars, how the Twins never strayed more than 2.5 games out of first even when they totally sucked. I might even mention that Carlos Silva, for being one of those players on the 'rest of the roster' than just can't cope in the postseason, sure outpitched Mr. Buehrle but good in their last two confrontations. I might mention the performance of Sweetcheeks Hunter today, or I might mention that while it would have been nice to clinch at home yesterday, there was something really really sweet about turning to the Bitch Sox and saying, 'Ha-Ha.'" Twins fans really hate the White (Bitch) Sox, don't they? (Batgirl)

Cards finally celebrate NL Central crown. Two days after they clinched it. (Yahoo!)

Red-hot Houston lusts after Giants. Calm down, Whitney. (SF Gate)

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