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Friday, September 17, 2004
Schilling wins 20th as Red Sox roll. (Yahoo!)

Three Thoughts: 9/15/04. Ben Jacobs on Oakland's Big Three, Nomar Garciaparra's season and some impressive relievers. (The Hardball Times)

Trash Talking From Second Place (Again). Aaron Gleeman: "The bottom line is that the Twins have beaten the White Sox in each of the past three seasons and have, at different points in different seasons, been in a very heated race for the division lead with them. At the same time, the White Sox have always said similar things to the stuff coming out of their mouths right now -- they aren't worried about the Twins, the Twins are lucky, the Twins aren't very good. You can find quotes like that from each of the past three years, from Ray Durham and Billy Koch to this current group of second-place finishers. The White Sox are, without a doubt, the team with the most lopsided trash-talking-to-wins ratio in baseball." (The Hardball Times)

Joe Morgan Retirement Chat Day. Joe has followed Rob Neyer into the Insider (pay) section of "One would think that is making enough money off of the banner ads, popup ads that obscure the text of the articles, full-window ads that preceded the actual text, and ad nauseum ads scrolling by in ESPN 'Motion'. By next season, your local paper’s site will have more content than what was once the best baseball site on the web,, and you won’t have to wade through the embedded advertising to get to the scores." (Mike's Baseball Rants)

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