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Thursday, September 30, 2004
Bicoastal Disorder. Jay Jaffe reports on his weekend watching and listening to Yankees and Dodgers games. (Futility Infielder)

D-back'le. The 2004 Arizona Diamondbacks, one of the worst teams of all time. (Mike's Baseball Rants)

Chat: Derek Zumsteg.
TGisriel (Baltimore): I'm surprised you listed Ichiro as your #3 MVP. Sure, he hits a lot of singles and plays good defense. But doesn't the lack of power and walks make that a relatively empty .370 (if .370 can be considered empty)

Derek Zumsteg: Nope. I think the skepticism is a little too heavy towards Ichiro! as a reaction to ... well, his over-hyped batting average.

But Ichiro's OBP is .415, after all. If he hit .270/.415/.456, I feel like people would say "he's a decent contact hitter with an outstanding batting eye and a little pop who overall manages to scrape together a terrific offensive package..."

He's what, 2nd in AL VORP for position players? And he plays good defense? I'll take two, please.

Plus he's Ichiro! What are you going to do?
(Baseball Prospectus)

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