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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Bellhorn lifts Red Sox over O's in ninth.
BAL 000 000 002 - 2
BOS 000 000 012 - 3

Suzuki goes 5-for-5, needs 14 more hits. break the all-time record. "Suzuki" = Ichiro. I had almost forgotten he had a last name. (Yahoo!)

Feliz has four RBIs, Giants rout Astros. (Yahoo!)

Dodgers' lead slipping away. They lost to the Padres, and lead the Giants in the NL West by only 1 1/2 games. (Yahoo!)

Talkin' Some Baseball. A roundtable discussion.
David: Are the Dodgers going to hold on? The lead is down to 2½ games.

Jim: The Giants will whip the Dodgers and take the West crown the final weekend.

Eric: You can never say with these two. Even if you have, like I do right now, a sick, creeping feeling that the Dodgers are going to tank, you just can't say. These teams will be in each other's business right up until the last.

I think it's possible the Dodgers will hold on, and I'm not just thinking with my heart. I mean, of course I'm just thinking with my heart, but my heart says if Brad Penny returns, and they get some quality innings out of Edwin Jackson, and the Yhancy Brazoban-Giovanni Carrara-Eric Gagne trio keeps getting the ball with a lead, which I think is a good bet in head-to-head matchups with Giants' pitching (after Schmidt), then they could hold on.

And you're right about the rivalry: The great thing about the coming two weeks is that one of them, as you say, is going to screw the other, which is going to add a layer of pathos and bliss to the race, a mix of anguish and joy, you know? If Houston knocks out Chicago, what's the big deal? if the Dodgers hold off the Giants and Bonds misses the playoffs, it echoes across the country and across generations.

Of Spikes, and Flukes, and Grabarkewitz. Steve Treder looks at some of the most notable one-year wonder seasons of the past 70 or so years. (The Hardball Times)

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