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Friday, August 13, 2004
Martinez fans 10, blanks Devil Rays. Pedro offers you his protection. (

Plan on them being there. Dan Shaughnessy woke up in a good mood: "At long last, it's happening. The shock of No Nomar is over. The people in place are catching the ball and throwing it to the right people. The pitchers are pitching. The hitters are hitting. The Red Sox are going to make the playoffs as the American League wild-card entry and they are going to meet the Yankees again in the ALCS, then play the Cubs (who's their shortstop?) or Dodgers in the 2004 World Series." (Boston Globe)

Adam Dunn and the Case for the K. "Obvious as it is, it bears saying: There are more important things for a hitter to do than avoiding striking out. Hitting for power and getting on base are first among them. Adam Dunn is among the best in the game at both." (New Partisan)

Changes in Blue Jays Land. Robert Dudek on Carlos Tosca, Josh Phelps, and the outlook for the future. (The Hardball Times)

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