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Wednesday, August 18, 2004
Elbow to the Heart. "I desperately want Zambrano to succeed. The poor, quiet kid was thrust into the New York scene in the worst of ways. Nobody wants to be the one any club trades away their hottest hotshot prospect for. But when that club plays in New York, the pressure/expectation dial is turned up to 11 and beyond." (Flushing Local)

Stick a Fork in 'Em. "The worst possible thing that could happen now is for the Phils to start winning, and fall just short of the post-season. With all the injuries, Bowa and Wade would probably get a pass for another year, and we'd have to do this all over again in 2005." (Phillies Fan)

Sully reports from Petco. (The House that Dewey Built)

The Team That Might Have Been Actually Was. Dan McLaughlin on the 1994 Expos. (Baseball Crank)

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