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Friday, June 25, 2004
Three-team deal sends Beltran to Astros.
The Houston Astros saw an opportunity to add Carlos Beltran and refused to let it slip away -- another sign they're going all out this year to try to win their first World Series.

Houston acquired the star center fielder from Kansas City on Thursday night in a three-way deal that also sent reliever Octavio Dotel to Oakland.

"When you have a chance to get an All-Star like Beltran, you do it, then you worry about filling in holes,'' Astros general manager Gerry Hunsicker said. ``He significantly makes us better, he is an impact player."

The last-place Royals wound up with three prospects: highly touted third baseman Mark Teahen and right-hander Mike Wood from Oakland, and catcher John Buck from the Astros.

OH BEHBEH! The Astros got Beltran!!!! "Beltran should provide an obvious spark to the lineup. No telling where Jimy will put him in the lineup, but I would guess that he'll move into either the 2 slot (shifting Everett/Ensberg to the bottom of the lineup) or he'll hit 3rd and push Berkman/Kent/Bagwell each down a spot. I hope Beltran bats 2nd for the simple fact that Jimy cannot possibly have him sac bunt every time that Biggio gets on base. (Well, I won't put anything past Jimy at this point.)" (The Juice Box)

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