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Tuesday, June 08, 2004
Rolen, Carpenter lead Cards over Cubs. "Rolen made up for the ailing Pujols' absence with a three-run homer, Edmonds threw out what would have been the tying run and the Cardinals held on to beat the Chicago Cubs 4-3 Monday night for their 10th victory in 12 games." (Yahoo!)

One down, three to go. "This wasn't a must-win game for the Cardinals, but it was certainly a 'should-win,' with Rusch on the hill and Clement, Prior, and Zambrano in the queue (Jesus, the Cubs rotation is like a box of Kleenex -- every time they use a great pitcher, another one pops up right after)." (Redbird Nation)

Al Yellon: "The Cub offense was fairly moribund again today. Carole's favorite player, Corey Patterson (Carole has been yelling 'Corey sucks' for several weeks now, and Mike, who works at an art studio, made her a "Corey Sucks" sticker for her clipboard, matching the 'Yankees Suck' one that has been there for several years), actually hit a homer today, into the LF basket, and of course, this is about the worst thing that could have happened to him, since that convinces him that he's a home run hitter, and he promptly had one of the worst at-bats of his season (and that's saying a lot), popping up weakly to right with two runners in scoring position in his next at-bat, and then striking out on a terrible pitch in the dirt in the ninth." (and another thing!, June 7)

Chris Dial reviews Leigh Montville’s Ted Williams: The Biography of an American Hero. "The cursing in Ted Williams’life was evidently a constant and so it is when Montville quotes everyone. I haven’t seen the f-word in print this much since I read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I take that back – Fear and Loathing has it less often. Some of the language is going to offend all but the heartiest of sailors. (Baseball Think Factory)

There's A Beer Riot Goin' On. Jay Jaffe on the 10-Cent Beer Night Riot of 1974. (Futility Infielder)

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