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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
Prior, Cubs hand Clemens first loss. (Yahoo!)

The List: Week #10. "2-1. 5-3. 3-2. 7-5. 4-3. Those are the scores by which the Mets were beat in five consecutive games against the Twins and Royals. Three times the bullpen blew it in the final at bat, and once in the 15th inning." (

Prospectus Triple Play: Baltimore Orioles, Colorado Rockies, New York Mets. "Rafael Palmeiro passed Mickey Mantle on the all-time home run list Saturday (which game was also only the third in baseball history to feature home runs by two members of the 500 Club). That news may make you blink: you knew that Raffy had 500 homers, and you knew that he's been a very good player for a very long time. But passing Mickey Mantle? Palmeiro is almost certainly the least prominent player to surpass the Mick." (Baseball Prospectus)

(Vic) Power for the People. Stephen reminisces about Power and Mudcat Grant. (Mariners Wheelhouse)

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