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Tuesday, June 22, 2004
Giants pull closer to Dodgers in NL West. San Francisco 3, Los Angeles 2 in the first of a 4-game series in San Francisco. The Giants now trail the Dodgers by half a game. (Yahoo!)

Beat L.A. "So can we let Deivi stay at shortstop for now? Hard to believe, but his 2-for-3 sticks him at .289, 30 points higher than Neifi's on-base percentage. Perez, by the way, was the first pinch hitter off the bench tonight, which should tell you there's something horribly wrong with the Giants roster." (Across the Seams)

Guerrero lifts Angels over A's. Anaheim 10, Oakland 3 in the first of a 4-game series in Anaheim. The Angels now trail the Rangers and A's by half a game. (Yahoo!)

Angels 10, A's 3. "If you're like me, you love to read the constant bitch-fest that is Athletics Nation's 'open threads.' The one thing you'll notice when reading them (other then the fact that A's fans have no idea how good they have it) is the genuine hate A's fans feel toward the Angels. They love nothing more then to stick it to us, their prosperous neighbors to the south. I find this odd, because I really have no strong feelings about the A's either way. Sure, I want to beat them to a bloody pulp with a sock full of pennies, but that's how a feel about every team (with the exception the D-Rays- it's hard to hate something as helpless as the D-Rays. It's like yelling at a basket full of puppies.)." (Pearly Gates)

Tigers get Guillen through '07.
In a major victory, the Tigers have persuaded shortstop Carlos Guillen to stay instead of leaving as a free agent after this season.

The Tigers could announce as soon as today that they have signed Guillen to a three-year contract extension through 2007, the Free Press has learned.

Unlike with the free agents they recruited last off-season, the Tigers have not overpaid to keep Guillen, at least based on the star level at which he has performed. His new three-year deal is said to be worth about $4.5 million a year -- half of what the Tigers offered shortstop Miguel Tejada as a free agent last off-season.
(Detroit Free Press)

The Rashomon Project. A dozen writers look at the same Yankees-Dodgers game from different perspectives. Having never seen Rashômon, I prefer to think of it as the Go Project, or maybe the Trilogy of Error project. (

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