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Friday, May 21, 2004
Labrum, It Nearly Killed Him. Will Carroll on baseball's most fearful injury. (Slate)

The Unfooled. "Baseball Prospectus, at its best, is a loose confederation of scientists -- skeptical, uncertain, inquisitive, nimble-minded. And at its worst it just churns out the same old lazy preconceptions. I think Chris Kahrl may do well to remember Greil Marcus' quote about the critic Robert Warshow: 'I am not fooled, this man says, and critics have to be willing to be fooled.'" (Redbird Nation)

Dome is no longer home sweet home."The SkyDome, which turns 15 years old in a couple of weeks, has entered middle age as sports stadiums go. The thrill is mostly gone, even if the thrilling, and still generally unmatched, roof technology remains in good working order. Everything else? Looking old. In some areas starting to get a little rundown." (Toronto Star)

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