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Tuesday, May 25, 2004
Kearns joins in on the fun. He helped the Reds complete a four-game sweep of the Astros. (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Quirky statistics are in favor of the Reds. Paul Daugherty asked D'Angelo Jimenez, Barry Larkin and Bill James why the Reds are winning. (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Saying Goodbye. Joe Sheehan on Doug Pappas. (Baseball Prospectus)

Doug Pappas author archives. (Baseball Prospectus)

Boston fans have had it good. Cold Pizza and Page 2 are counting down the "Most Tortured Sports Cities", and they rank Boston fifth. Bill Simmons sets them straight.
Am I happy to be a Red Sox fan? Absolutely.

We had Lynn, Rice, Fisk, Yaz and Tiant in the '70s; the Clemens Era in the '80s; Nomar and Pedro in the '90s ... jeez, there was always something happening. We have Fenway. We have die-hards spread across the entire country, like Cyrus's armies in "The Warriors," enough manpower to overpower half the home crowds in the American League. We have owners willing to spend upward of $100 million a year to remain competitive, an exclusive group, like being one of the only guys at a poker table with chips. We have a complicated blood-feud with the Yanks that reached Cold War proportions last winter. And we always have next year. Because you never know.

One thing I do know: We shouldn't be on this list of losers. And if anyone at Cold Pizza wants to respond ... well, I can't hear you, I have two Super Bowl rings clogging my ears.

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