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Friday, May 07, 2004
Fast start helps Cards beat Phillies. (Yahoo!)

Brian: "Ryan Madson wears #63, but I don't think he'll be heading to the minors anytime soon. He's now pitched 19 innings in the majors without allowing an earned run (wonder what the record is to start a career), and his stuff is flat-out wrinkly. He sorta reminds me of a righthanded Ken Dayley -- neither guy is capable of throwing anything straight. Even a 93 mph fastball that Madson threw to Renteria had some serious movement on it." (Redbird Nation)

It's a Commitment to Mediocrity. "With their $46 million payroll and tight-fisted owner, the Reds don't get many opportunities to make a statement to fans about their commitment to winning. They had a chance to make one Wednesday and passed." (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Derek Zumsteg went to the 16-inning Mariners/Twins game on Tuesday, and had a blast. "It's time for the 14th-inning stretch! I sing, my wife sits and grinds her teeth. She is not amused to hear that there is also a 21st-inning stretch." (Baseball Prospectus)

MLB decides not to place Spider-Man ads on bases. (Yahoo!)

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