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Thursday, April 01, 2004
Switching Sides. Randy Johnson is considering pitching the 2004 season right-handed. (Baseball Musings)

Steinbrenner Repents. (Baseball Musings)

A new manager? Goodbye Larry Bowa, hello...Dallas Green?? (Phillies Fan)

The Stunning Collapse in '64. (Philadelphia Daily News)

Tom Verducci believes that this year's Cubs and Royals will be exceptions to Bill James's rule that "when a team improves sharply one season it will almost always decline in the next." (

This Is SportsCenter? Matt Feeney on "the decline and fall of ESPN's franchise." (Slate)

NL East Preview.
Matsui and Reyes--I'm skeptical.
Though Cammy's a gold glove receptacle,
And the Mets seem improved,
I am not very moved;
I sense they will still be ineptical.
(The Humbug Journal)

NL Central Preview.
Pujols is worth an ovation.
I also profess admiration
For Woody and Morris,
The thing I abhor is
The rest of the Cardinal rotation.
(The Humbug Journal)

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