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Friday, April 23, 2004
Red Sox's Schilling loses for first time. He gave up a tie-breaking grand slam in the 8th. Toronto 7, Boston 3. (Yahoo!)

Jeff: "After two outs in the seventh, Curt Schilling gave up four straight hits. What was a nicely-paced, well played 3-1 Red Sox lead, turned into a 3-3 tie ball game. No harm done...the Red Sox have had a pretty good offense lately. Then stuff got bad." (The House That Dewey Built)

Visiting the 2004 New Baseball Stadiums. Woody Studenmund goes to Petco and Citizens. (The Hardball Times)

Derek Zumsteg on the need for offensive strength up the middle. (Baseball Prospectus)

Jay Jaffe on top sluggers and their home/away home run breakdowns. (Baseball Prospectus)

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