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Thursday, April 22, 2004
Padres 11, Giants 0. Bonds didn't homer, obviously. Another rough outing for Jason Schmidt: six earned runs and seven hits in four innings. (Yahoo!)

Lowell hits 3 HRs, Marlins edge Phillies. The Marlins have won 8 straight, and 17 of 19, against the Phillies. (Yahoo!)

The Bowa-ry Boy. "Bowa is truly his own worst enemy...Bowa has to try a gambit the second he has the upper hand. And he gives the appearance of a manager who would myopically overlook the importance of the series with the Marlins to slake his pride." (Mike's Baseball Rants)

Ben on the future of the Marlins. "If the Marlins don't get the new stadium, what will the future of baseball be in South Florida? According to those involved with the team, in all likelihood, there will be no future for a Major League team in South Florida." (Talking Baseball)

Lineup muscles up for 5 homers in win. Ray Lankford, Scott Rolen, Marlon Anderson, Reggie Sanders and Jim Edmonds (grand slam) went deep. Cardinals 12, Astros 6. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Brian on Jim Edmonds: "It's like someone took a film strip of Will Clark swinging a bat, crumpled it up, cut out a few frames, reassembled them out of order, ran it back through a film projector, then used it to teach Jedmonds how to swing a bat. But the results -- those high, majestic home runs -- would be as if Thrill had hit them himself." (Redbird Nation)

Tim Kurkjian on the Brewers' Scott Podsednik. "Last year, Podsednik became the first Brewers rookie ever to hit .300 (.314). He's the fourth rookie in major league history to hit .300, steal 40 bases (43) and score 100 runs, joining Jimmy Barrett, Shoeless Joe Jackson and Ichiro Suzuki." And he's off to a good start in 2004. (

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