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Tuesday, April 13, 2004
Mets rout Braves 10-6 in home opener. Even without Mike Piazza and Cliff Floyd, they were able to knock out Mike Hampton and build a 10-0 lead in the first five innings. (Yahoo!)

Joe: "While this lineup can't be expected to produce like this on a regular basis, it's good to see guys like Zeile and Spencer come off the bench and provide some offense along with guys who've been producing on a daily basis like Matsui and Cameron. If the Mets can continue to get a little bit of help from the bench as well as getting Piazza back in the lineup on Wednesday, they should be able to continue to put some runs on the board." (Betty's No Good Clothes Shop And Pancake House)

Position Report: Joe Borowski. "He is a throwback player in the sense that he actually does look like one of us. He’s a little doughy, a little schlubby, doesn’t throw particular hard, and, hey, he’s from Jersey! The main difference between him and us, of course, is that he’s proven he can pitch effectively in the majors (and the independent minors, and Mexico, and a bunch of other places). And that brings me to the second reason why I love him, which is that he blows the Myth of the Closer out of the water. Simply put, if a 32-year old journeyman can suddenly save 33 games, doesn’t that mean that the act of saving 33 games, in and of itself, doesn’t require the services of the specific type of pitcher who usually gets anointed 'closer'?" (The Cub Reporter)

A Tale of Two Leagues (Part One: 1901-1955). Steve Treder compares and constrasts the AL and NL. (The Hardball Times)

Free Benny Kauff (Part One). "Benny Kauff was ruled permanently ineligible by Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis in a bizarre, shocking and utterly unexpected decision on April 7, 1921. The charge was that Kauff 'had participated in a game with a player under indictment for conduct detrimental for the good repute of baseball.' The player in question? Himself, Benny Kauff." (The Hardball Times)

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