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Monday, April 05, 2004
Lopez leads Orioles past Red Sox. Pedro Martinez gave up three runs in the second and lost, 7-2. (Yahoo!)

Rivals in Exile: Early Concerns. Alex Belth and Ben Jacobs discuss the Yankees and Red Sox. Jacobs: "Two years ago, Martinez gave up eight runs (seven earned) to the Blue Jays in three innings on nine hits and two walks in his first start of the season. He finished the season 20-4 with a 2.26 ERA in 199.1 innings...Last year, Martinez gave up 10 runs (all earned) to the Orioles in 4.1 innings on nine hits and four walks in his third start of the season. He finished the year 14-4 with a 2.22 ERA in 186.2 innings." (The Hardball Times)

Bronx Banter Interview: Bill James.
BB: Other than when Derek Lowe is on the hill, there has been a good deal of debate as to whether second baseman Pokey Reese is as valuable to the Red Sox as he might be to another team. Will his defense be all that valuable behind pitchers such as Pedro Martinez and Curt Schilling, neither of whom relies on keeping the ball on the ground to retire the opposition?

BJ: Well, certainly it is going to be MORE of a priority to maximize the infield defense when Lowe is on the mound. But every pitcher appreciates (and needs) defensive support, and we do have other ground ball pitchers, such as Kim and Mendoza. We get an average or above-average number of ground balls. We're going to go into the bottom of the ninth with a one-run lead sometimes, and we'll want the best defense out there no matter who is on the mound.
(Bronx Banter)

Diamond Mind: Projected standings. They pick the Red Sox, Twins, A's, Phillies, Cardinals and Giants to win the divisions, and the Yankees and Cubs to win the wild card races. (

Indians trade Bradley to Los Angeles for minor leaguer. The minor leaguer is top prospect Franklin Gutierrez. (Yahoo!)

Dodgers not playing games, deal for Bradley. "'I've always dreamed about being a Dodger, and it's a great opportunity,' said Bradley, who was reared in Long Beach. 'There has been some stuff in the past and I've been characterized as a bad guy, but if you talk to my former teammates and coaches they'll tell you that I'm just a competitive person.'" (Los Angeles Daily News)

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