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Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Garret Anderson gets $48M extension. He's now signed with the Angels through 2008, with a $3 million team option for 2009. (Yahoo!)

Sean thinks it's a pretty good deal. (Purgatory Online)

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Minnesota Twins fans, for instance, can follow every hangnail and torn meniscus on no fewer than five Twins-centric Weblogs. In the third inning of the Minnesota Twins' second game, local-boy-turned-super-prospect Joe Mauer tore cartilage in his right knee while chasing after a foul ball. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune's beat writer wrote with a kind of composed distress—"What Mauer and the Twins must be concerned about is the prospect of a 20-year-old catcher suffering an injury that could lead to chronic arthritis"—but the paper's in-house fan blogger, Twins Geek, took the news a little harder. "What does this mean for a catcher who relies so much on his knees??!!?? What about a 20-year-old??!!?? Does it mean we'll have to start thinking about moving him to a new position?!? WILL THINGS EVER BE THE SAME????"

Marlins' Cabrera resumes power surge. "Miguel Cabrera swears he's not swinging for the fences. With four homers in his last nine at-bats, and five overall this season, it's hard to believe him. The 20-year-old slugger homered twice, and Brad Penny allowed only two hits in the Florida Marlins' 5-0 victory over the Montreal Expos on Tuesday night." (Yahoo!)

Nine Reasons To Give Baseball Another Chance. "It's possible, yes, that you genuinely think baseball is horribly boring and slow and you just don't care and never will. But it's also possible that nobody has taken the time to sell you properly on baseball -- to give you a good reason to get interested in it beyond droning on about the national pastime and the symmetry and the poetry of 'safe at home' and blah blah blah fishcakes. I've got your good reason right here. I've got a whole list of good reasons for you to like baseball." (Tomato Nation) (via Bookworm)

The Uncertain Glory of an April Joe Morgan Chat Day! (Mike's Baseball Rants)

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