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Thursday, April 15, 2004
Dye homers twice as A's beat Rangers. It's early, but maybe he's back. (Yahoo!)

Ordonez intent on 5-year deal. The White Sox are offering four. (

Jon Wells: "Ordonez is a very good player but he's no Vladimir Guerrero. And it seems he's insisting on the same contract Guerrero got from the Angels. I doubt Ordonez gets more than four years or more than $10 million on the open market next winter. Instead of acting insulted by the Sox offer, Ordonez should be asking where he should sign before the team changes their mind." (Grand Salami Blog)

Rocky Mountain Lie. Chris Kahrl says the Rockies shouldn't use Coors Field as an excuse for losing. (Slate)

Pat Garret...On the Back. A look at Garret Anderson's contract. "I just can't get around the fact that this guy wastes a tremendous number of outs. He may have produced given that constraint over the last couple of years, but I'm still not sold." (Mike's Baseball Rants) (Note: Alert reader Thomas Gorman noticed that Mike mistakenly left Alex Rodriguez off of his table of top-salaried AL players. For a minute I thought the Yankees and Rangers had somehow re-worked his contract so that the Yankees were paying him less than $12 million a year. As if I needed another reason to despise Tom Hicks.)

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