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Wednesday, March 03, 2004
Prospectus Triple Play: Boston Red Sox, Cincinnati Reds, San Diego Padres. "The big board above the ticket windows in the Fenway Park box office lists every game of the season, with open white spaces where tickets are available and big black Xs where they're sold out. Sadly for Joe Sixpack, as of March 1 the board shows more Xs than the tag on John Daly's TrimSpa polo shirt." (Baseball Prospectus)

Prospectus Triple Play: Florida Marlins, New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Pirates. "While former Expos and current Marlins owner Jeff Loria is being bled as MLB stands by and whistles is probably sweet for Expos fans who watched him destroy their team while MLB stood by and whistled, it's bad for baseball and Marlins fans. Until something's done, it won't matter how fast the turnstiles spin--the Marlins operate at a severe economic disadvantage to other teams." (Baseball Prospectus)

One Tough Colombian. "Does [Edgar] Renteria belong in a company with the best shortstops in the game? Or does he rank among the best by default, the beneficiary of a shallow talent pool among NL shortstops?" (Redbird Nation)

2004 Houston Astros Preview. "The Houston Astros might be the best franchise never to win a World Series. That should change this year." (Batter's Box)

The sweetest breakout season. Is Jon Garland poised for one? (Exile in Wrigleyville)

Jon Garland Statistics. Check out his stat lines for 2002 and 2003. They are almost exactly the same. Cool. (

Mike Hunssinger on the Marlins' contract renewals (Josh Beckett, Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis). (The Book of Mike)

Soccer Team Tops Yankees On Richest Sports Teams List. Top five in the world: Manchester United, Yankees, Juventus (soccer), AC Milan (soccer), Washington Redskins. Top five in the U.S.: Yankees, Redskins, Red Sox, Mariners, Dallas Cowboys. (

Mike Thompson: "And the Mariners couldn't afford to make a deal at the deadline the last two years or splurge a bit in free agency?" ( Mariners blog)

The Gang's All Here. "I've said this before, here and elsewhere: The Yankees have six plus hitters. Hideki Matsui is not one of them (nor is Kenny Lofton). Those six should fill the top six spots in the order in order to maximize their plate appearances. Joe Torre should have this tattooed on his forehead backwards." (Clifford's Big Red Blog)

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