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Friday, March 26, 2004
"Live" with TAE: Bill James. Kansas historian Tim Rives interviewed him. (The American Enterprise)

Jim Bouton: Iconoclast. Dave Hollander interviewed him.
JB: My comment on the Alex Rodriguez thing is that I don't really have much respect for Alex Rodriguez. And, I don't think it presents a good picture to the kids. Forget about whether it's good or bad for baseball. I don't think it's good for the youth of America. Because they're seeing a guy who is a quitter and a front runner. He went to Texas on a big contract with the idea of trying to help lift up a last place team. And when he wasn't able to do that in a few years, he quit. He wanted to play for another team, and (laughing) he listed two teams that were perennial play-off teams so that he could get into a World Series. He didn't want to struggle with another last place team. He wanted to be with playoff contender so he could get a World Series ring. Not earn one mind you but get one. This makes him a front runner. So I don't know what this says for Alex Rodriguez but if he's a quitter and a front runner he may not have as great an ending to his career.
(NY Sports Express)

In like a lion, out like a Lamb. "The Yankees have traded Mike Lamb to the Astros for 23-year-old A-ball reliever Juan DeLeon. Scott at YM&tR, gets the scoop there. Impressive that the Yankees were able to trade Lamb rather than simply release him. Also good news for Lamb, as I'm sure Jimy Williams is dying to give some of Morgan Ensberg's at-bats away, which makes this bad fantasy news for some folks." (Clifford's Big Red Blog)

Many Twins fans may miss watching their team due to cable dispute. "Cable operators...won't pay Victory's per-subscriber asking price of $2.20 to $2.30. They say that's too much for a cable outlet with such limited programming. And, in fact, they propose putting the Twins telecast on a digital tier where viewers would have to choose to buy Victory's programming. Otherwise, they argue, rates will have to be raised." (Duluth News Tribune)

Another detour into basketball...

Take that, Billy: Saint Joseph's knocks off Wake Forest to reach Elite Eight. (

Dethroned: Alabama ends Syracuse's reign with easy 80-71 win. (

Closer Look: Alabama-Syracuse. "Syracuse's long-armed forward, Hakim Warrick, was the most entertaining player on the floor. It's true that Alabama did a better defensive job on him in the second half, but by that time Warrick had already done enough to stand out. It wasn't just that he scored 15 points in the first 13 minutes, it was the way he scored them. On one play he got the ball far enough away from the basket that everyone expected him to take a short jumper, and he simply elevated up and in for a dunk. 'Bama's plan to front him in the second half limited his touches, but if Syracuse had gone to him more often late in the game, the outcome might have been different." (

Vandy vanquished: Connecticut conquers Commodores to reach Elite Eight. (

Closer Look: Connecticut-Vanderbilt. "The Huskies have the stuff to win the title -- but not if they play the way they did against Vanderbilt. UConn was plagued by turnovers throughout the game, and a lot of them had nothing to do with the Vandy defense. The Commodores closed within seven points in the second half, thanks to some sloppy UConn ballhandling: passes that went through hands, bad passes, stupid passes." (

The Cowboy way: Oklahoma St. uses late run to win physical battle with Pittsburgh 63-51. (

Closer Look: Oklahoma State-Pittsburgh. "Pitt's reputation for being a vintage, chuck-and-duck Big East squad is well-earned. The Panthers shot 36 percent for the game, including a ghastly 3 of 17 from 3-point range, and this was by no means a case of 'iron unkind.' From inside the paint the Panthers were fairly efficient, but anything from the perimeter made them look positively Doug Gottlieb-like, and anything from 3-point range was a akin to a shot in the dark. In fact, this would make a great pre-1987 club; if the 3-point line didn't exist, this would be your hands-down national champion." (

UAB making life 'Hell' in NCAAs. "There's no Corliss Williamson on this team -- not even a Scotty Thurman, Clint McDaniel or Corey Beck, either. But the style is pure Hell. They press from opening tip to closing horn -- off made shots or off misses. They double-team the ball whenever possible. They slap at it relentlessly. They have been known to apply a hand check. They ride the hips of dribblers more relentlessly than a nagging wife. They run 10 bodies in and out to make sure fatigue is only a factor for the opposition." The Blazers face Kansas tonight. (

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