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Wednesday, February 18, 2004
Rodriguez joins Yankees. The silver lining for the Red Sox is that it would have been worse if A-Rod had joined the Blue Jays, Angels, A's or Mariners. It doesn't matter if the Yankees win 100 games or 110 or 120; if the Sox can finish ahead of Toronto and Baltimore and the Central runner-up and the West runner-up, they're in the playoffs, and anything can happen then. (Yahoo!)

Prospectus Roundtable: The Rodriguez-for-Soriano Deal. Joe Sheehan: "I've said this before, but it bears repeating: the Rangers are trading Rodriguez to subsidize the Chan Ho Park contract. That's unbelievably dumb. For all this the Rangers lose a major competitive advantage as well as one of the game's most marketable players. As a result, they will also have to try and sell a losing team--maybe a .500 team--having made one of the biggest salary dumps in history. I wonder how many season-ticket holders, paying prices that were inflated to nominally pay for A-Rod, feel cheated this morning?" (Baseball Prospectus)

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