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Friday, January 09, 2004
Mariners get Aurilia; Guillen headed to Detroit. One year, $3.15 million for Aurilia, and they traded Guillen for prospects. (Yahoo!)

David Cameron: "I expect the team to be thoroughly mediocre next year, winning between 75-85 games, depending on how healthy Edgar stays (umm, name the guy who is going to take the 150 AB's Edgar is invariably going to miss, by the way), but it really won't have much to do with today's moves. Yes, this acquisition further proves that Bill Bavasi has no ability to judge talent or balance a budget, but that case was rested long ago, and the prosecution is preparing its presentation for sentencing now. But it probably doesn't cost the 2004 Mariners anything, and there's no future commitment. In a year, Aurilia probably walks, Santiago gets non-tendered, and the Tigers won't re-sign Guillen as a free agent. This is a basically meaningless trade between directionless franchises that won't have any real impact on the future of either." (U.S.S. Mariner)

How I Remember Josh Beckett. Ryan Levy: "I speak to you as one of a very few. I am one of 30 high school kids who got a hit off of Josh Beckett during his senior year. After seeing Josh achieve success at a much higher level than District 21-5A in the state of Texas, I thought people might be interested in hearing what I remember about Josh from his high school days." (Aaron's Baseball Blog)

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