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Tuesday, December 30, 2003
What the hell happened to Ben Grieve?! (Aaron's Baseball Blog)

Ding Dong, Their Season Ends. "I don't revel in others' pain, but it makes me very happy that the Raiders were a hapless excuse for a football team this year...I'll probably take lots of heat for this post because I'm sure many of you are diehard Raiders' fans who are smarting over their horrific season, but I just can't stand that team. I can't stand what they did to the Coliseum. Every time I see Mount Davis I curse him under my breath. I can't stand how litigious that team is, suing everyone from the A's for advertising revenue to the City of Oakland, making it nearly impossible for that city to trust any sports franchise to live up to its word again, adding to the A's new stadium challenges. And I can't stand the ridiculous owner in his velvet jump suits and giant glasses." (Athletics Nation)

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