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Tuesday, December 23, 2003
Rob Neyer: "The A's could have a staff like [the 2003 Marlins], only better. If Harden's able to jump right into the fray -- as Hudson, Mulder, and Zito did -- the A's will have the best fifth starter in the majors and the best rotation in the division (if not the league). Will this offset the losses of Ramon Hernandez and Miguel Tejada? Yes, I think it will. Well, this and the additions of Bobby Kielty and Mark Kotsay, who turn the league's worst outfield into something that, at the very least, isn't an embarrassment to the general manager." (

Thomas Boswell: "Now that Javy Lopez has joined Miguel Tejada as an Oriole, with Vladimir Guerrero perhaps coming soon, let's reevaluate. Birds can molt, change their feathers. So can we. If the United States can lift sanctions against Libya for improved behavior, then we can certainly lift our boycott of the Orioles." (Washington Post)

Bryan Smith on Javy Lopez. "Lopez is far and away the 3rd best catcher in the last 20 years, and probably top 20 all-time. But given his age, new team, and new style of hitting, what can we expect next season?" (Wait 'Til Next Year)

Ben Jacobs compares the Phillies to the Astros. "[T]he teams aren't very different. So why is the perception surrounding them different? Two reasons. First, Philadelphia's main division competition (Atlanta and Florida) has gotten worse this season while Houston's main division competition (Chicago Cubs) has gotten at least a little better. Second, Philadelphia has spent a ton of money while Houston has merely dumped one contract in order to be able to sign another." (Universal Baseball Blog, Inc.)

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