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Tuesday, December 16, 2003
Everett agrees to contract with Expos. (

Rodriguez deal gaining momentum. "The smoke and mirrors have been cleared away. The scenario Red Sox owner John W. Henry has been working on for weeks, one in which the Sox would trade outfielder Manny Ramirez for shortstop Alex Rodriguez, then turn around and trade shortstop Nomar Garciaparra to another club, is on the verge of being realized. Perhaps by the end of the week, no later than Christmas, according to multiple industry sources with direct knowledge of the negotiations." (Boston Globe)

Birds Are Cooking in Hot Stove. Thomas Boswell: "For the last two seasons, there has been no reason to watch the Orioles. Next year, if the cards fall their way, there may be few teams in baseball that are more worth watching. Funny how much a team can be helped -- on the field and at the gate -- by adding two or three players who will probably someday be on the Hall of Fame ballot." (Washington Post)

An Even Dozen. A Gleeman-length analysis of 12 transactions from the Winter Meetings. (Wait 'Til Next Year)

Revenue-sharing helped Phils grow. "Over the last four seasons, the Phillies have brought in roughly $42 million in revenue-sharing, according to MLB personnel. Last year, the Phils received $9.5 million in revenue sharing. This year, they received $8.8 million. How beneficial is that money? Well, you be the judge. Thome's salary for 2003 was $9.5 million, and Wagner will make $8 million in 2004. While some teams pocket revenue-sharing money, the Phillies have turned it into talent." (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Doug Pappas: "Of course the Phillies are happy with a system that let them use other clubs' money to sign Jim Thome. Someone should ask the Indians what they think of a system which forced them to subsidize the Phillies' signing of their top free agent, even though metropolitan Philadelphia is more than twice the size of metropolitan Cleveland." (Doug's Business of Baseball Weblog)

Bob Mong: "Is it just me, or isn't Randy Winn the perfect 4th outfielder (especially if you have another injury-prone, though talented, outfielder as a starter)?...This is why, long ago, I advocated acquiring someone like Geoff Jenkins to play LF [for the Mariners] in order to move Winn to the 4th-outfielder spot." (Bobbys Sports and News Bloggy)

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