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Friday, November 21, 2003
Tampa native Martinez traded to Devil Rays. "St. Louis will pay $7 million of the remaining $8.5 million Martinez is guaranteed, a baseball official said on the condition of anonymity." (Yahoo!)

Chat wrap with Rob Neyer.
stan from baltimore: How soon, if ever, do you see the O's pulling off a trade for Derrek Lee or Richie Sexson and which one do you think is a better fit for the O's? Also, a lot of people have called the O's the favorites to land Vlad Guerrero. Truthfully, how likely are we to land him?

Rob Neyer: I think either Lee or Sexson would be a fine addition for the Orioles, though Sexson's talents might play slightly better in Oriole Park, which is a pretty good place for a right-handed power hitters. And I do think Guerrero might end up in Baltimore, him or Tejada.

Dale Robertson: "We need to prepare ourselves now for the disappointment. Andy Pettitte is extremely unlikely to become an Astro." (Houston Chronicle)

Probe into murder of Reds' player taking bizarre path.
PHOENIX - Authorities are trying to piece together whether a jilted girlfriend and $11,182 in cash seized by federal drug agents in Missouri had any connection with the execution-style slaying of Cincinnati Reds player Dernell Stenson on a quiet Chandler street two weeks ago.

Friends and family confirm the ex-girlfriend harassed Stenson across several states for at least 18 months, claiming at various times that she was pregnant by him, miscarried his child, was pregnant again and miscarried again.
(Arizona Republic)

The Worst MVP Seasons Ever. (Rich's Weekend Baseball BEAT)

Greg Couch: "On Monday afternoon, Judge Sophia Hall is expected to rule on a class-action suit that Cubs fans felt they had to file against their beloved team. Are the Cubs guilty of actually breaking scalping laws? That's still the million-dollar question, I suppose. But no matter what her ruling, we know what the Cubs are. Guilty." (Chicago Tribune) (HA HA - Just kidding. Chicago Sun-Times)

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