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Monday, November 24, 2003
A-Rod's wish list reportedly Red Sox, Yankees. (

Escobar reportedly signs with Angels. 3 years, $18.75M. (

Matt Barnard: "You could do worse with $18.75 million than to secure the services of Kelvim Escobar for three years, but there's reason to question the move. There's been an awful lot of talk about how the market is taking a downturn (or about to do so) in terms of player salaries, but how much could a pitcher with Escobar's credentials have expected to get in the most free spending, player-friendly of times?" (the dump's sportslog)

Chat wrap with Chris Kahrl.
Andy (New York): What happens with Pat Burrell in 2004. Most people thought he could be a legitimate MVP candidate by now, but instead he's trying to avoid becoming Rob Deer. What's your prediction for him?

Chris Kahrl: In another organization, I think Burrell would be fixed, but it isn't going to happen through Larry Bowa's personal intervention. Beware of banjo-hitting middle infielders who claim they know something about the science of hitting."
(Baseball Prospectus)

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