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Wednesday, November 05, 2003
Martinez returns for $3 million deal. Edgar is back with the Mariners for at least one more year. (Yahoo!)

Seattle on top of Gold Glove pile. Four Mariners (Ichiro, Cameron, Boone and Olerud) won the award, along with Mike Mussina, Alex Rodriguez, Eric Chavez, Bengie Molina and Torii Hunter. (Yahoo!)

Bruce Markusen presents "a plan of action—position by position—that the Yankee brass might take during a cold, hard winter." (Baseball Primer)

The Meat Market (Part Three: Pitchers). "Pettitte has been a work-horse throughout his career, pitching 200+ innings in six of the last eight seasons. His strikeout rates over the last three years are significantly improved over his early-career numbers, and his control is dramatically better than it was years ago. I would love to sign him up to a three-year deal, stick him on a team with a solid defense and watch him rack up those ground ball outs. I could see him providing a team with 600+ innings with a 3.50-3.75 ERA over the next three years, and I think he will prove to be a bargain when compared to Colon and Millwood." (Aaron's Baseball Blog)

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