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Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Go Fish: Marlins deal Lee to Cubbies. In return, they get Hee Seop Choi and a minor leaguer to be named. (Yahoo!)

Christian Ruzich: "Given that Dusty Baker was never going to play Choi, I like this trade. Lee is a very good hitter (264/353/467 career, 271/379/508 in '03) and plays Gold Glove-caliber defense. Plus he plays every day, which means there's no need to keep Randall Simon around. The role of back-up first baseman can be played by someone inexpensive, like Phil Hiatt or Dave Kelton." (The Transaction Guy)

Rob Neyer on Warren Spahn. "Warren Spahn into context? Imagine a left-handed version of Mike Mussina ... but finishing half the games he starts and pitching like a Hall of Famer well into his 40s. If you can imagine that, you've got a good start." (

Thomas Boswell on Warren Spahn. "If any of our major sports has had an almost unknown immortal, it is Spahn. He did everything. Early in his career, he had a big fastball and won strikeout titles (four in a row). Late in his career, he pitched no-hitters (two). In back-to-back World Series against the Yankees in '57 and '58, he went 3-2 in five starts with a 3.07 ERA as the Braves split the two Classics. One of his Series wins, at 37, was a two-hitter with 15 strikeouts. Ten years before, it was 'Spahn and Sain and pray for rain,' that got the Boston Braves to the Series. So, he was clutch, too." (Washington Post)

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