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Friday, November 14, 2003
Ellis calls Brewers fiasco 'scam of the century'. Press release from Wisconsin Senator Mike Ellis, via Baseball Primer.

Report: Giants acquire C Pierzynski from Twins. They gave up reliever Joe Nathan, pitcher Boof Bonser and a minor league player to be named later. (

Case closed: Gagne easily wins NL Cy Young. (

I Love The '80s: Baseball Edition.
VH1 partly inspired this post but mostly it's the Reggie Jackson figure I received as a wedding thank-you gift. Reggie is towering over a vintage (pre-Mount Davis) Oakland Coliseum, in his gold-and-green A's uniform. The only problem I face with this is my child-of-the-1980s memory: To me,

Reggie Jackson is a California Angel.

Not an Athletic, and certainly not a Yankees, but an Angel. Not an Anaheim Angel either--a California Angel, in the same lineup with Doug DeCinces and Bobby Grich and Rod Carew. You can tell almost exactly how old I am from this impression, or at least when--to within a season or two--I became a baseball fanatic.
(Now That Everyone Else Has One)

Prospectus Triple Play: Expos, Giants, Blue Jays. "Seemingly just to rub salt in Giants fans' wounds, the team waited less than 72 hours after J.T. Snow's ill-fated dash for home plate--OK, more a saunter than a dash--to announce that ownership would be reducing payroll by around $10 million next season. That was especially tough news for diehards who had been optimistically speculating about a 2004 season featuring a Vladimir Guerrero reunion with Felipe Alou, or Gary Sheffield joining his off-season training partner Barry Bonds." (Baseball Prospectus)

Mike on the Rookie of the Year voting. (Mike's Baseball Rants)

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